Notes on Making the Album - Blog

Exciting times are coming, I can say that our latest album is almost complete and what has been the culmination of the last year and a half’s work. All the tracks are feeling really cohesive and the album is flowing really well.

It started back in May 2018 with the band jamming out all the bugs before Dave came in to lay down the drum tracks two at a time. We found a happy medium between open rooms and close micing for the drum sounds, some tracks recorded using 2 microphones only in a real John Bonham feel while others I went all out  individually micing the kit. Dave used the MAPEX studio kit which came up sounding a treat. Minimal processing was done on the drum tracks, for the first time on any of our albums the drums have been mixed in Mono, although this can be highly problematic the results were awesome, punchy focused kicks with a snare drum we changed for most tracks, loose, tight,etc...

The result - awesome sounding rock drums like they should be!

Jase was in and out at crazy times, working track to track, as we finished the drum track we would finish the bass. This is an unconventional way to do things however I tried this way to concentrate track to track rather than making them all the same sound and feel. At first I was apprehensive about doing this however after Jase smashed a few Bass tracks I realised that it is actually great to focus on the performance rather than the sound, a fresh track and different mic position for each song kept it new.

Jase used his Fender Bass as well as a Yamaha Active Base, both sounded great and recorded great using a 1073 Pre amp into a 1176 compressor that was also used on the drums.

The result - great punchy tracks with a smooth analogue feel just the ticket!

I always love recording guitars, little amps driving flat out worked for Jimmy Page and they certainly work for me! My main amps were the “Evil Robot” and a “Supro Black Magic”, possibly my favourite amp of all time. These two amps are awesome, 25 watts and 15 watts, all tube and super amazing!! (Not that I didn’t use a Marshall, My Vintage Modern made an appearance as it has every album to date!)Paired with my favourite Les Pauls and a killer 355, Gibson for me is unbeatable. A few tracks have a old Fender Tele which lets face it, you just have to own one. Its got a mojo the second it gets unleashed!

Vocals for this album came easy for me, all I had to do was position a mic for Mia and she did the magic that we are used to!! In fact, I was in awe how easily Mia makes it look, the thing is though its anything but easy and alot of work went into the vocals behind the scenes, nothing was left to chance and everything was tailored for days before the mic came out of its case.

For most of the vocals the chain was Mia into a SM7 or the Charteroak E700. The SM7 is simply amazing, it usually kicks the more expensive mics out of the park and as it suits Mia to a tee, its my go-to magic! From the SM7 the vocals went into a Heritage 1073 Pre-amp and then into either a Empherical Labs Distressor or a KT 1173 Ccompressor. Minimal reverb was added and Lexicon took all the credit for what went to tape!

So there we have it, the recording process for our new Album, I cant wait to release this as we are all very proud to make such a solid album, its certainly strong and mates a statement.

I shall put a few snippets up on the webpage, teasers if you like, I cant wait for you to hear it!!

All the best -